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SE Draft

If you're looking for a fixed gear bike, the SE Draft bike has been dubbed the epitome of simplicity with one gear and should you get the Lite version, you have the option of the flip flop fixed/free rear hub. Do not be fooled however with the simplicity of this bike. It is quite a sturdy bike with components that are designed to withstand the daily rigors of biking through a busy city or the energetic life of a college student.

With a fixed gear bike the wheel and the gear are a single component. They move together which means no coasting. The single speed bike offers the ability to coast because of the freewheel gear. So take this into consideration when purchasing your choice of fixed gear vs. single speed.

The SE Draft offers two different models, the SE Draft and the SE Draft Lite. The typical SE Draft comes with a freewheel and has flat bars. The Lite version offers the same main components but instead of flat bars it offers drop bars and a flip flop fixed/free rear hub. Meaning you can change your ride from fixed gear, no coasting, to the ability to coast by switching over to the freewheel.

The fixed gear bike is a favorite of dedicated bikers, both young and old and is of course the oldest style of bicycle. Why is this a favorite among some of the more hard core bikers?

This bike offers a different type of ride when it comes to the physical aspects. Because of the fixed gear you will be constantly pedaling rather than having short or even long periods of coasting. Because of this riding style you'll become more in tune with your speed as you are navigating the hills and flat areas of your ride.

Another reason why many bikers become rather passionate about the fixed gear bike is due to the rather pleasant physical improvements as they learn how to ride without relying on shifting gears to get through the more rigorous and physically challenging areas of their ride. If you like a challenge, you can expect your body to adjust within about 2 weeks. Most bikers say they are far better riders after switching to the fixed gear.

The SE Draft Lite bike flip flop hub offers another benefit who prefer the option to switch from a freewheel to a fixed gear. Since there are no options to switch gears while ridding uphill, your legs will become far stronger. Your body will gain both strength and endurance much faster with this fixed gear. While you will most likely be spending some time walking uphill as your legs adjust to these new challenges, it won't be long before you can climb that hill faster than your multi-gear riding buddies.

Lastly, if you are the type of person who enjoys fixing things, both versions offer the same simplicity making it far easier to tune up and work with. And while it's not a huge bonus, having a fixed gear bike offers the opportunity if required to peddle backwards.