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PK Ripper

The PK Ripper line of BMX bicycles from SE Bikes is one of the most popular bikes in North America. It’s a regular feature in bicycle races and is fast approaching the status of “BMX icon.” The line is rugged, lightweight and fast, features built into the PK Ripper by one of the best riders to ever get into the sport of BMX bike racing. It's a bike with a glorious history and a distinguished pedigree.

During the 70s, Perry Kramer established himself as the fastest thing on two wheels, winning race after race in the Southern California BMX circuit. His biggest victory was bagging the Jag World Championships in 1979, only six years after he got started. He was also part of the legendary Dirt Masters while he was an amateur and the highly successful Mongoose professional racing team. Racing would make him famous, but his contribution to bike design would assure his legacy.

In 1979 Kramer met a young entrepreneur, Scot Breithaupt, the owner of an advertising agency who organized bike races. The two set up SE Racing, for which Kramer contributed to a design for a new BMX frame. The new design was named after Kramer, and the PK Ripper was born. In the first few years after the new bike was introduced, the PK Ripper was in such high demand and SE Racing was backlogged by 2,000 orders. This is the bike that put the company on the map. And although the original design has evolved over the years, it’s essentially the same bike. It was also one of the first bikes to use aluminum tubing for its frame. Today Kramer continues to do what he does best; he's still racing his bike in the Southern California circuit and still getting it done. He also inspires youngsters through his riding workshops.

Today the PK Ripper continues to be SE Bikes’ flagship product, available in several models, each suited to different needs. The entire line is built around the ultra-light but incredibly tough 6066 aluminum alloy frames, giving them toughness and speed. PK Ripper Team and Team XLP are light and fast elite racing bikes built for only one purpose: winning. The Ripper Junior, Mini Ripper and Li’l Ripper pack all the firepower in the PK Ripper line into tiny bundles that help any size racers get in the game. The PK Ripper FIX is one of the lightest and strongest fixed-gear, single-speed bikes on the planet.

It's amazing how something built more than 20 years ago continues to make an impact in an industry where speed, youth and boldness are the defining factors. But that's exactly what the PK Ripper has accomplished. Not only does it immortalize a great bike rider, and not only has it built a successful company, but it has defined the industry as well. Today the PK Ripper continues to rack up sales with its innovative design, and it continues to rack up wins at bike races all over the world.